Shall we chat or just get down to sexy time?

Chat first or Fun First

I guess we all have to go through the ‘courting rituals’ to a certain extent, the hello, how are you, lets chat a while, did you travel far, blah blah while lets face it sometimes we just want to cut the chat and get down to it, a good bit of adult fun !

Now, it’s quite possible that if you a woman reading this you are thinking … this article must be written by a man, which of course you would be right.

You see men and women tend to think a bit differently. We like to be nice , polite and of course treat ladies properly but we are also just that little bit more carnal and would love nothing more than dispense with the chit chat in five minutes and get on with the really fun stuff!

There is alot to be said for chatting though, we both find out , or get some indication if this person we are talking to is going to be a potential for an ongoing affair, a one off quickie, or of course a soul mate.

So what do I think, let’s all connect, chat and have fun, or of course we could do it in a different order – Adult Fun first then everything else 🙂

At Married Affair we specialise in giving you the connection, its up to you what comes first after that.


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